Parents as Partners

Parents as Partners

Parents as Partners

Parents are a child’s first educator and here at First Steps we want to create a holistic picture of each child. This can only be achieved if we work in close partnership with our parents. Family lives and nursery days are busy and one of the challenges of families and nurseries working together is making sure that good quality interactions between nursery and the child’s family can take place without being onerous, time consuming or just paying lip service.

This is why we use an online learning journal for all of our children. It allows our practitioners to take high quality photos and observations of the children carrying out all of the wonderful activities we do here at First Steps; it is then quick and easy for them to link the activities to learning outcomes and use this to plan the next steps for the children. This means that we are constantly setting high expectations for our children and they are happy, confident and very engaged with the activities that we plan.

o_1a0unvjm55cm1c7p6ll175d1b5517It also means that you as parents can see exactly what your children have been up to on a daily basis; you can see where they are at with their learning and what comes next. You can keep us informed about all the wonderful things you do at home, and share those special moments with us such as baby’s first steps. The online learning journal can also be accessible to your relatives or other child carers such as your nanny or childminder. In this way we build up a whole picture of each child and we can make sure that we as a nursery and you as parents are all working together to give the very best care and education to your child.

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